America: Dying From Indifference

As I take to the keyboard to write this, the midterm elections are wrapping up here in Virginia. I have been more involved in this election than I have in any other before. The reason is that I see so much at stake. Of particular concern to me was the election for Fairfax County School Board. All twelve seats were up for election.

The Fairfax County School Board is one of many school boards in the country which has been run for the last several years by Leftists dedicated to promoting a sordid agenda when it comes to the brainwashing of children. The sex-ed program, deceitfully called Family Life Education, or FLE as we in the opposition refer to it, should really be called the Planned Parenthood Business Model. There is no other reason for Planned Parenthood to be so busily involved in the sex education programs in schools than to make potential life-long customers. Destroy their morals, teach them that sex is just like any other contact sport. The younger the better.  I have seen some of the material used here in Virginia and it has nothing to do with education. It is designed to stimulate young people and create an unhealthy interest in experimenting with the bodies of other people (or your own), destroying chastity, and especially getting young boys obsessed with finding a sexual partner.

It has nothing to do with teaching the biological mechanics of the sexual act. That went out the window a long time ago!

Because this hedonist philosophy (which really took off in the 1960’s with the “Sexual Revolution”) ruined the happy life I could have had, I have a particular interest in wanting to protect young people from the lies of the radical, over-sexualized Left. One way to accomplish this in my town would be to get elected to the school board men and women who will stand for decency and traditional, pro-family morality. Therefore, I took to the streets with literature and a large sign I had made, hoping to influence people to vote for our candidates.

My SignStanding at the corner of Ox Road and Braddock, a main thoroughfare into  Fairfax,  I held up my sign and slowly walked down the median when the light turned red, allowing the stopped cars time for people to read the sign and react. To those who gave me a thumbs up or nod of the head, I gave information on the candidates we were supporting. But the greater majority of people in the cars that stopped for the lights did one of two things: peered intently at their cell phones, or stared straight ahead without turning to see what was on my sign. Probably a good sixty percent of the people who stopped at my corner in the four hours I was there never looked my way.

This is a microcosm of America. We have become not a community, but a loose-knit conglomeration of highly private individuals who do not want to be bothered. We have our world neatly packaged for us: cell phones with games and texts to send, radios blaring, the hundreds of movies on TV and at theaters. Add to that the busy-ness of life for parents: making a living, sports for the children, a house and car to care for, and  you have a fine recipe for self-absorption which allows no time for other concerns, especially that of the larger community. I have spoken to a couple of parents who had absolutely no idea what the FLE program is teaching in the schools. Perhaps it is a misplaced trust in the school board and teachers, but monitoring what your children are being taught should be the first concern of parents, especially if the school is teaching ideas that may run counter to the moral values you are trying to instill in your children. It will be your daughter who comes home pregnant because the vile and corrupt FLE program taught her that sex is no big thing, it’s really fun and enjoyable, and you shouldn’t feel guilty to experiment with it.

I was saddened, but not totally surprised, to watch the multitude of cars drive past the intersection where I stood without so much as a glance towards me. I heard on the radio this evening that of all the registered voters in our county, about 25% would show up to vote. I guess they had more important things to do than to concern themselves with the moral safety of young people.

This is why America is dying. Nobody gives a hoot. For most people, it is about their life, their car, their next raise at work, their golf game, their NFL football team, their World Series team that won. I watch football. I make no apology for enjoying the drama of competition. Yet when I watch fans painted head to toe in team colors, screaming at the top of their lungs for a mere game, I can’t help but wonder where that same passion is for things that are far more important than a contest which will be forgotten twenty years from now. It was said that if all the Evangelicals who were registered to vote had actually voted, Obama would have never been elected president. But they sat out because Romney was a *GASP* Mormon, and so they couldn’t dare vote for such a horrible person.

Even worse, I approached the State Deputy for the Knights of Columbus, seeking to get help with my project to inform parents of what is going on in their schools.  There has been a big pro-life push from the Knights Supreme Council, urging members to be more involved in pro-life activities. But when I actually stepped out to do something, the response I got was… well, I suppose I should call it indifference. The same thing from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Arlington. I understand there are certain laws we have to tiptoe around regarding the participation of religious groups in political matters, but I didn’t really even get much of a response. Oh, yes, we are concerned. Yes, we agree with you. But nothing along the lines of, “Well, what did you have in mind?”  Nothing about how they could help me without violating any laws. Just “Thanks for caring. See you later.”

I needed volunteers to hand out literature. Yard signs are absolutely worthless! They tell you nothing about the issues at stake, such as the schools teaching children how to indulge safely in anal sex. But this is how our school board has operated here in Fairfax. Decisions have been made and carried out in secret meetings not even announced to the public. The board members have an agenda, and no amount of parental opposition in the speeches made at their meetings has changed their minds one iota. That’s why my sign said what it said. How many parents are aware that boys are now allowed in the girls’ restrooms in the Fairfax County schools? Will it take a rape to bring this to the forefront? And then what? Another gigantic community yawn, punctuated by a little verbal indignation, because, after all, it wasn’t my kid? Wonder if the Redskins are playing today?

I had a strange but rather appropriate thought come to me over the weekend. I imagined Adolf Hitler’s Germany, but with cell phones. The picture that came to me was that of people being marched ahead by SS guards, their eyes glued to their phones as they walk straight ahead, looking only at their tiny screens as their thumbs move furiously across the letters, and on through a door  which they don’t even notice is marked “Showers.” That’s what we are today.

I don’t think this vision is all that far-fetched.



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