Another Liberal loon from the NYTimes, writing an article called HOW WE CAME TO LIVE IN CURSED TIMES, expresses her ideas, which we should take as Gospel. Note that at the end, she claims we are indeed cursed because: “These are quite obviously cursed times: Donald Trump is somehow still the President; more than a quarter of the birds in North America have disappeared since 1970; and children keep having to take to the streets to plead with our lawmakers to protect their lives.”

Meanwhile, our Liberal Loon says nothing about the children being sliced and diced every day at Planned Parenthood. In fact, now we no longer just kill the child in the womb – babies are being sliced open while still alive for their organs to be harvested and sold for profit, yet very few people are horrified over the  news releases in which this has been admitted. Those of us who are spiritually “woke” see things like homosexuality, transgenderism, and gay “marriage” being pushed as normal with little pushback. If you haven’t been watching, bestiality is peeking around the corner, looking for acceptance also. Children are being hijacked by our court system and forced to take gender-changing drugs. Pornography is taught in the classroom under the guise of “Sex Education Programs” and Planned Parenthood has admitted that they have been a force behind this so as to insure generations of new customers.

Ho hum. Another day. Wonder who’s playing the NFL game tonight?

In a normal, sane, functioning society, news as heinous and shocking as this would bring everything to a screeching, outraged halt until the perpetrators were locked up in jail and Planned Parenthood closed forever. But we have our 72″ plasma TV’s, our team is in first place in the NFL, a new car in the driveway, and a fat bank account, so life is good. Why risk losing all that by taking to the streets and raising hell over it?

Why do we feel cursed?


One of the principles of a covenant relationship is that if you break that covenant, bad things (a curse) happen to you. In specific, look to Deuteronomy 28-29 to see how this works. God makes covenant with mankind, and with a specific group of people. Keeping the rules (ethics of covenant) promises blessing. Breaking those rules promises curse. Both as a nation and as individuals, we have broken the rules. And yet we expect blessing?

What?  Did God go to sleep for the last 200 years?

Part of the curse of God is this: to be turned over to a darkened mind in which you have no idea of moral right and wrong. Good becomes bad (“Don’t talk to me about Jesus. I don’t want to hear it!”) and evil becomes good (“Women have the unrestrained right to abortion. How dare you, as a man who doesn’t have a uterus, try to prevent this?”)

Anyone who can look at the walking psychotics who have shot up who theaters full of people, the deranged multitudes wandering around our large cities, mumbling and gesticulating to unseen beings, the political paedophiles who smugly walk about in freedom and by doing so, dare others to arrest them, the sociopaths who without care for us and only to make money, push poisons on us claiming they are “food” or “new technology,” and the multitude of other people who are in states of constant depression, pyschosis, anger, and pursuit of evil – anyone who can look at all this an dozens of more examples I could bring up, and not realize that we really are cursed – is in blindness of the worst sort.

Breaking the chains
Only Christ can break your chains!

We are cursed by God. The curse is simply this: You want evil over me, says the Lord? Then you shall have exactly what you want. I know this personally. I lived the curse, leaving the vows of my baptism for the fool’s paradise of drugs, fornication, and other evils I will not mention here. All the while I expected them to one day bring me to the happiness which they falsely promised. And when Christians tried to tell me about Jesus, I either insulted them or simply left the conversation. I knew exactly what Jesus meant to my life: no more “fun.”  No more drugs, alcohol-fueled drunken parties, and especially no more fornication. (There is an old saying which states: “All atheism begins below the belt.”) It is the undeserved grace of God that He kept me alive until I came to my senses and turned to Him in desperation to save me from myself.

This nation has rejected Christ, persecuted His Church and His people, glorified every imaginable evil and wickedness, and yet people like the author of the piece – Liberals, Socialists, Communists, and God-haters – somehow expect this country will be a  paradise on earth without HIm.

It is.

A Fool’s Paradise!

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