A Short Discussion on Facebook Regarding Transgenderism

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I posted a video done by Walt Heyer, a man who has been through the entire gamut of transgender philosophy and behaviors and has come out the other side speaking out against the bizarre and unscientific belief of the political Left that such ideas are normal and people who think they are of another gender than the one they were born with should be encouraged to act out on these ideas.
Walt Heyer’s website and full story can be found here.
From this posting, I got the following critique:
While I’ll agree that deciding sexual orientation or identification at an early age may be as problematic as diagnosing schizophrenia before eighteen – because the brain is still developing – that distinction is completely independent of your unwillingness to accept or acknowledge such changes in people, regardless of their age. Posting this in support of your belief is disingenuous – as age or biological development don’t factor into your broader position on the matter. To which I ask: why do these things bother you so much?

And my response:

Edward A. Hara

A.) Let’s go back again to the Natural Law argument. Construction shows function. The male body is constructed in a way that is compatible with the female body and shows that the function of the male body is the reproduction of the human race (sexually speaking). Therefore, in order to accomplish this, the computer that runs the body must function in a manner which makes the male body desire to unite with the female body. Hence, any thoughts that deviate from the function of uniting male and female are not in line with the construction of the body and its intended purposes, showing that there is a serious problem which needs to be corrected so that all things can function according to their construction.

B.) Did you not listen to what Walt Heyer said. It was a problem with his psychology which needed to be addressed. He needed help facing the problems he had so that he could function in accordance with his body. To “diagnose” kids as “transgender” is wrong-headed and is not going to make their lives happy. It is a lie to say so.

C.) I have “been there-done that” in terms of all kinds sexual issues and activities which are outside the norm of what we were built for. Just like Walt Heyer, I had a lot of problems which were not solved by my acting out in a sexual manner. I was still depressed and unhappy. There was a point in my life where I had to get drunk every night just to get to sleep. I couldn’t eat and towards the end, I was suicidal. No one came forward to help me with these issues until I heard that God loved me and had an experience of that love which radically changed my life. I care about this so much because I was hurt by these lies, other people are hurt by these lies, and there is a better way.

D.) The Left keeps pushing, pushing, pushing these issues as “normal” and promoting things such as pornography and allowing biological males into female private places such as bathrooms and locker rooms. Now the parents are beginning to see this foolishness for what it is as girls competing in sports don’t even have a chance against biological males and they think it is unfair (which it is).

E.) This is all based on emotionalism rather than cold, hard facts of life. The same Leftists who complain that Conservatives are not being scientific when denying climate change turn right around and do the same thing when it comes to biological and scientific FACTS of the human body. Emotions are not facts. Emotions come and go, facts remain. Teaching people to respond to emotions is setting them up for disaster.

F.) This is a direct attack against the family, just as no-fault divorce was. Where do you think the largest percentage of inner city criminals come from? They come from the black, single-parent family. You destroy the family, you destroy the community, you destroy the nation. The Leftists in the world are hell-bent on destroying America, and while I am no fan of some of the things that our country has done (racism, Native American genocide, starting wars for profit, etc.) you don’t destroy a country entirely and expect good from it. You change what is wrong.

Children raised in two-parent, emotionally loving and secure households have a far, far less rate of depression, suicide, criminal activity, and anti-community activities than those who wander about wondering who their daddy is.

I would be curious to ask you something. Suppose you and your Leftist buddies do destroy this country? What do you think your Socialist paradise is going to look like? I think this is a fair question because the sense I get from discussions with those on the Left seems to indicate to me that all you guys have to do is get rid of the Christians and Conservatives and you will have a paradise on earth. So could you please give me a kind of overview of what you think this country would look like without Christian morality to which you so appear to object?

Right now in Fairfax County, a group of parents are fighting the Fairfax County School Board to keep this nonsense away from impressionable young minds. Unfortunately, the school board will not listen.  Ten members of the school board have heard every possible objection to showing what amounts to pornography to young children, yet they continue to push forward with their agenda, which is to normalize that which is not normal.
I wonder if these same school board members will be there to help pick up the pieces of the lives that their pornographic sex ed program will ruin. Will they be there the first time a girl is raped in the ladies bathroom by a biological male who used the transgender issue to worm his way into a place where he does not belong?  Even if such should not happen, do young girls wish to have biological males watching them undress in the shower room?
As I have said in other places in this blog site, my life was ruined and a number of people were hurt by me because I bought into the lies being promoted back in the 1960’s by men like the paedophile, Alfred Kinsey, and his greatest supporter, Hugh Hefner.
I can only feel a great sadness for those children who are in school now who have no idea what psychological and physical horrors await them in their future thanks to the degenerate Leftists who are running the Fairfax County School Board


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